About Us

In the software industry in which we operate, we offer customized solutions to our customers with the AORA Information Technologies we established in 2005 and with Bildaş Technology Inc. we established in 2011.

Since 2015, we have been working on digital document archiving systems, aiming to offer our maturing product and experience under the brand of Envantera.

Our goal is to continuously improve our OCR quality and make this service a global service.

Our Team

M. Ali Akdeniz


Uğur Başar


Gizem Gönülaçan

Software Engineer

Semih Başar

Creative Art Director

We came a long way
(Our R&D Process)

Start of the Project

2014 - Project Planning and Process Analysis were conducted.                                           

In the earlier stages (Development Process)

After a long development process in the middle of 2015, we conducted our first customer installation.

We are growing (I think the development process will never end)

Together with our new friends who joined our team, we put our mobile platforms into operation.


Our R&D process continues.


Manager, Co-Founder

"We believe that Envantera will be the future of small and medium-sized enterprises' archiving systems. A system that makes it easy for companies to access the archives of which is a memory and enables documents to be found very quickly with the philosophy of "Scan and Search" will be the most important assistant that accelerates and facilitates the daily workflow of companies."