You have questions, we have Answers to your Questions.

We are Envantera. We provide fast, stable, safe and convenient service for our customers. We believe that our customers should be happy and smile. We enable you to access the documents you want with the tagline "Scan and Search."


Are there any brand or type limitations in scanners ?

You can work with a USB-connected scanner or network scanner, and the service we have developed will send the scanned document to the server.

Is there a security measure for the documents that users are scanning ?

When the scanned document is saved to the computer, it is sent to the server by the Envantera service. The file sent to the server is encrypted on the user's computer. The files are protected from security risks arising from user error or system problems.


What do I need to do to use the Mobile Envantera ?

After purchasing the Envantera license, you can download and start using our mobile applications. You can login to our mobile applications with your username and password.

What can I do with Mobile Envantera ?

You can archive by taking photo of any document. The photo of the documents you have taken will be archived by OCR within an average of 10-15 seconds. All of the documents you have scanned or taken the photo from the mobile can be accessed in the Mobile Application. You can also access, open, download, email and authorize the documents you want by searching through the mobile media.

Scanning documents in Mobile Envantera can also cause poor image quality, how can I solve this ?

In order to make the documents of which you have taken the photo in Mobile Envatera look better, the quality of the smartphone camera you are using should be high. Also, taking the photo with the right light and angle is important for the quality of OCR.

Are my documents in Mobile Envantera safe ?

Your documents are encrypted in your computer and mobile device. Applications are communicated with our systems via secure HTTP protocol.