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Meet the Envantera. Create your digital archive system by scanning or taking photo of your physical documents archive with your mobile phone.

Back up your inventory and access your documents from anywhere, from any device.

Easily digitize your documents and access the original document by searching for the word in your documents.

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What is Envantera ?

Envantera is a cloud based digital document creation and archiving system.

(Optical Character Recognition)

The document you want to add to the system by scanning or taking a photo is first saved as a picture. With the support of OCR, the texts in the documents are identified and added to the database and you can access the original of the desired document in the hundreds of thousands of documents by searching for the word or group of words that you want.


The data sent from the end-user computer to the Server is backed up by encrypting the data on the end-user computer. In this way, company documents can only be accessed through the Envantera.


You can share the documents you have scanned or photographed and sent to the system with another user. You can give View, Print, Download and Delete rights to the shared person, and specify the actions to be performed on the file.


You can create your documents with photos taken from your mobile devices, you can also access your entire archive and manage your documents via mobile interfaces.

Why Envantera ?

Who Is It For ?

It is an easy-to-use digitalization platform developed for professional groups and companies with high production of documents such as construction firms, financial advisers and lawyers.

With the help of Envantera, you can access the file you are looking for in the hundreds of thousands of documents in seconds.

How Does It Work ?

Envantera has 3 Working Scenarios. 1st Scenario: The documents scanned in the Scanner flows to the server and passes through OCR process on the server and becomes searchable. 2nd Scenario: You can take a photo of the document with your mobile phone and upload it to the system via Mobile App. 3rd Scenario: You can upload documents in JPG, PDF, TIFF formats that are already available on your computer or in your phone from the online interface to the system. In this way, you can search in the Documents passed through the OCR process.

What Languages Does Envantera Support ?

We support 200 languages for document scanning and we provide website and application support for 9 languages. Our R&D department continues its research and development activities on the recognition of handwriting.

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